Front-end Developer

遠端合作的前端工程師 全職


工作地點:At Home

薪資範圍: NT$ - NT$



Camayak is a collaboration tool for editorial teams: magazines, newspapers, PR teams, branding agencies, blog networks and community news websites. We're the 'Basecamp for content' solution for content-focused businesses that want to grow their teams and streamline their production process, before publishing directly to WordPress and other platforms. We want to build networks of top quality publishers all over the world (primary markets: US, UK, Australia, India, Germany, Japan). 

Who we're looking for
We would like to add a full-time front-end developer to our team. Our ideal candidate will work from home and communicate remotely with the rest of our team, which is based in the US and the UK. We will consider candidates who have at least 5 years of professional development experience and those who have worked with:

- CSS3
- Javascript (jquery, coffeescript, node.js)

We will also favour candidates who have worked with:

- Iphone apps
- Postgres
- WordPress 

We will hire someone who has:

- Excellent written English skills
- Reliable, trustworthy work-ethic
- Entrepreneurial ideas
- Availability for 5-6 days/week

Depending on your experience, we are willing to pay competitively. You will also be working with experienced professionals in the US and UK. Our intention will be to meet you at least once every 6-8 months (in Taiwan). 


本JOB BOARD為INSIDE與178人力銀行共同營運。求職者應徵工作時,會由178人力銀行進行初步的履歷審核。若同時有其他管道之職缺可介紹,將會詢問求職者的應徵意願。依照個人資料保護法規定,在未獲得求職者許可之前,決不會提供個人資料給企業主,敬請安心。如有任何問題請來信[email protected]