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工作地點:11F-1, No.159, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei 11070, Taiwan.

薪資範圍: NT$ - NT$



Front End Engineer - Growth

Hey there! We have an open position for a front end developer at our company We're the hottest KPop startup in the region and we're hiring strictly KPop fans. So, if you don't know the difference between SNSD and 2NE1, please stay away!

So, we've just completing a nice round of funding and are ready to run! We need someone to power our growth through front-end engineering. Maybe you could help us out with it?

Your front end skills will be put it good use to growth hack for us. To find out more about growth hacking, please go through the Slideshare below to understand the position better:

You'll be working from  11F-1, No.159, Sec 1, Keelung Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei 11070, Taiwan.

Please do NOT apply if you:

  •      Hate Kpop
  •      Can't code
  •      Don't have any side projects / launched apps that you've built either yourself or in a previous company

This is why working with us might be your cup of tea:

  •      Increase your career market value (means people will pay good money for you) if we are successful
  •      Through stock compensation, get a big fat exit, that could be worth millions if we're successful
  •      Competitive salaries
  •      Want to work in a fast-moving startup environment
  •      Get exclusive access, back stage passes and privy info to all the KPop events
  •      Look at KPop oppas and maknaes ALL DAY LONG!


本JOB BOARD為INSIDE與178人力銀行共同營運。求職者應徵工作時,會由178人力銀行進行初步的履歷審核。若同時有其他管道之職缺可介紹,將會詢問求職者的應徵意願。依照個人資料保護法規定,在未獲得求職者許可之前,決不會提供個人資料給企業主,敬請安心。如有任何問題請來信[email protected]