PicCollage 拼貼趣


Backend Server Developer (Rails) 全職

職務分類:[工程師] 後端工程師


薪資範圍: 月薪NT$ 60,000 起,依能力經驗面議



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Work Content

Our server team designs, delivers and maintains a large scale web application that serves millions of people using our mobile apps and websites. As a member of the server team, you will build infrastructure and tackle challenges that span platforms and technologies. In addition to working using Ruby frameworks (Rails, Sinatra), you will also have the opportunity to work with other technologies such as Go, node.js, GraphQL, Google BigQuery, AWS Lambda, chat bots, etc.


Server團隊主要致力於開發以及支援不同平台的產品以及整合不同的技術。公司目前擁有來自iOS, Android以及Windows的客戶端軟體需要後端的支援。我們甚至開發自有的社群網站讓使用者能夠瀏覽來自全球各地有趣且創意的作品。我們也擁抱新穎有趣的科技,例如GraphQL, Google BigQuery, 無伺服器架構, 聊天機器人等等。



•  Build and maintain PicCollage server API
•  Build CMS which delivers In-App Purchases and In-App content
•  Continuously improve code quality by writing tests, refactoring, etc
•  Communicate with peers to design & deliver features
•  Integrate third party APIs to build in-house applications for different type of usages, e.g. analytics, monitoring, etc

In this position, you’ll collaborate closely with designers, product managers, and, of course, other excellent developers. As a member of the f PicCollage community, we are all dedicated to making positive impact at work and life.

•  開發以及維護 拼貼趣 後端 API
•  開發提供拼貼趣軟體中呈現的程式內購及數位內容
•  持續增加測試以及重構來改善程式品質
•  與同仁溝通協調去設計和交付功能
•  整合第三方 API 用以建構公司內部使用的工具,例如 分析工具、伺服器監管



•  You have 1+ years in building web applications
•  You use Ruby on Rails and SQL or are comfortable learning new things
•  You are familiar with Git, common test suites (RSpec, Minitest, etc)
•  You know the basics about network development, e.g. DNS, CDN, SSL, TCP/IP, etc
•  You’ve known as a great communicator and use different ways to improve understanding, e.g. pictures, storytelling, etc
•  You write tests to improve quality of code
•  You are organized and focused toward a goal
•  Knowledge of other languages such as Node.JS/Javascript, Go, Python, Elixir a plus
•  Knowledge and experience with DevOps, server deployment technologies and procedures a plus


•  一年以上網路服務開發經驗
•  使用Ruby on Rails以及 SQL或是樂於學習新的語言和框架
•  熟悉版本控制軟體 Git,常用的測試工具(如RSpec, Minitest等等)
•  瞭解基礎的網路服務開發知識,如DNS, CDN, SSL, TCP/IP 等
•  擅長溝通協調,會使用不同的方式(如畫圖 敘事)幫助溝通更順暢
•  透過撰寫測試來改善程式碼品質
•  專注有組織地向目標前進
•  熟悉其他程式語言,例如如Node.JS/JS, Golang, Python, Elixir
•  瞭解DevOps或服務部署方法和流程

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本JOB BOARD為INSIDE與178人力銀行共同營運。求職者應徵工作時,會由178人力銀行進行初步的履歷審核。若同時有其他管道之職缺可介紹,將會詢問求職者的應徵意願。依照個人資料保護法規定,在未獲得求職者許可之前,決不會提供個人資料給企業主,敬請安心。如有任何問題請來信[email protected]