Data Analyst 數據分析師 全職

職務分類:[工程師] 軟體開發工程師


薪資範圍: 月薪NT$ 45,000 起,依能力經驗面議



Job Description

- 定義長期及短期的數據策略, 蒐集及分析各項資料, 協助改善產品的方向, 並帶領團隊達成目標
- 透過數據發掘出對平台社群用戶的不同見解, 以供內部最為用戶分析, 協助產品新功能開發, 與其他策略性應用
- 與產品,市場,平台開發團隊合作, 蒐集及分析關鍵資料, 以協助公司管理部門做重點決策
- 依據公司對平台各項數據應用需求, 建立數據部門的團隊
- 帶動以數據為主軸的團隊文化, 協助公司各部門以數據主導的目標, 對告專案能清楚定義ROI
- 具備至少一個上線產品數據分析相關經驗, 若曾參與B2C產品分析經驗者更佳

The successful candidate will assist to oversee the development of the system architecture. Have the potential to lead and provide guidance to data related analytical projects. You can identify areas for new data collection and improvements of existing datasets. Daily operation is to collaborate with the product team to develop products addressing the needs of our users.

● Define and execute long-term data strategy as well as short-term priorities to deliver immediate value
● Define and build the research program to unlock all Strava’s data potential and improve our business
● Design, implement and manage all the tools and processes necessary to enable data-informed decision-making across the organization
● Build and develop a team of top-notch data analysts and scientists who are engaged in and excited about solving the biggest data challenges
● Foster a data culture within Deepblu through data fluency, self-service analytics, governance and empowerment, constant communication, and clear ROI
● Collaborate with data, platform, web, and mobile engineering teams to ensure that data is captured and available for reporting and analysis
● Uncover actionable insights about our global community of athletes, both for internal and external consumption; turn volumes of data into product features, partnership opportunities, and other strategic interests

- Cohort analysis
- Social network analysis
- Recommendation system
- Image recognition
- Time series analysis
- Sentimental analysis

其他條件- 具備RMDB及NoSQL Database經驗
- 瞭解Git操作,版本控制等 (GitLab),與多人共同開發專案
- 具備有R, Python, Hadoop, Spark, Hive等技術能力
- 熟悉數據分析其中之一 Cloud Service Solutions, 例如: AWS
- 使用Machine-learning框架的經驗, 例如 Tensorflow, Theano or Kera


本JOB BOARD為INSIDE與178人力銀行共同營運。求職者應徵工作時,會由178人力銀行進行初步的履歷審核。若同時有其他管道之職缺可介紹,將會詢問求職者的應徵意願。依照個人資料保護法規定,在未獲得求職者許可之前,決不會提供個人資料給企業主,敬請安心。如有任何問題請來信[email protected]