Community Manager 全職

職務分類:[行銷企劃] 行銷人員


薪資範圍: 月薪NT$ 35,000 起,依能力經驗面議



What You Will Be Doing
- Manage technical content published by members of our community
- Coordinate and manage freelance writers for contributed content
- Brainstorm and execute campaigns to grow our community
- Distribute community content to social channels, aggregators, and publications/newsletters
- Outreach to developers and influencers
- Engage with members of the community on social media channels

Qualities We Look For
- Comfortable with using English as the only language of communication
- Interested in programming and software or have a technical background
- Bring ideas to the table, enjoy brainstorming with the team and loves testing out different marketing initiatives
- Motivated, proactive, and accountable – you’re a self-starter who sees things through to successful conclusions without anyone looking over your shoulder

Bonus Qualifications
- Related work experience in marketing and/or community management
- Comfortable reading and using programming jargon
- An avid user of social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit
- Experience with analytics tool, such as Google Analytics
- Familiarity with SEO


本JOB BOARD為INSIDE與178人力銀行共同營運。求職者應徵工作時,會由178人力銀行進行初步的履歷審核。若同時有其他管道之職缺可介紹,將會詢問求職者的應徵意願。依照個人資料保護法規定,在未獲得求職者許可之前,決不會提供個人資料給企業主,敬請安心。如有任何問題請來信[email protected]